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Nice Production cel of Patrick from BOATING SCHOOL.
From the only season that cels and drawings were hand done. The nxt year they went to computer. Animation Art Emporium
ORIGINAL BACKGROUND! Great smiling image of SpongeBob ready to lounge
This setup consists of the production cel of SpongeBob as well as a Production Background from the first season of SpongeBob Animation Art Emporium
SpongeBob production cel from THE PAPER 199
This production cel comes on a print background along with a COA from Animation Art Emporium. Animation Art Emporium
SpongeBob and Sandy Production cels 1999
Comes with COA and Certificate of Authenticity Animation Art Emporium
Squidward production cel 1999
These cels are some of the best cels remaining from my SpongeBob Collection. Each piece is guaranteed authentic and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Unlike all other popular cartoon series in the past, there was only one year that these cels were produced, making them extremely rare and likely to increase in price tremendously as the 16 years of children start collecting their favorite cartoon character. All the cels come on a copy background. Animation Art Emporium
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