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Gabriel Vandervort's career began as a producer and writer of ancient history documentaries for the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and History International. His love of history quickly brought him into the world of collecting coins and artifacts from the ancient world, as he began networking with local auction houses, artifact dealers and experts in the field, such as Joel Malter, Alex Malloy, Stephen Album, Dr. Gerald Eisenberg, Sue McGovern and David Sear.

With an overwhelming number of well-provenanced collections coming in from noteworthy collections and galleries throughout the US and Europe, Gabriel brought in two close friends and fellow experts, Kelly Ramage, formerly long-term cataloguer for Malter Galleries, and Michael Bianco, world-renowned antiquities expert and collector, and this business branched into the auction company Ancient Resource LLC in 2008.

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A lovely Apulian Greek ribbed olpe with animal handle
A lovely Apulian Greek ribbed olpe, Magnia Graecia, 4th Century BC, the ovoid body with flared ring foot, the body adorned with vertical ribbing in imitation of metal ware, the narrowing neck surmounted by a well-formed pouring spout, handle with three vertical ridges and decorated at the join with the back of the spout by the head of a frog or serpent. H: 10 ¼ in (26.1 cm). Well preserved with traces of vine motif down both sides of the neck suggesting either the vase underwent a change of design or was misfired in the kiln. The lovely metallic black glaze showing the vine pattern under the right light. Ex Southern California private collection. Ancient Resource LLC
Moche IV zoomorphic bottle
A large Moche IV zoomorphic bottle from Peru, c. 450 - 550 AD. It is 9-1/4" high and features a finely detailed canine atop the central false spout. A pair of animated felines are molded in relief encircling the chamber. There are also painted decorative elements, as well as extensive mineral deposits. Ex Caravallo collection. Ancient Resource LLC
A Roman pale blue glass unguentarium
A Roman pale blue glass unguentarium, c. 1st - 2nd Century AD, the conical body with lightly indented base, long cylindrical neck and flared mouth with inward folded rim. The vessel retains earthen deposits within the mouth and in the inside, light iridescence. H: 7/8 in (14.9 cm). Intact. Ex South Yorkshire, England private collection. Ancient Resource LLC
Roman Empire. Faustina Jr., the wife of Marcus
Roman Empire. Faustina Jr., the wife of Marcus Aurelius. Augusta, AD 147 - 175/6. AR Denarius. Rome. 3.50g. FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, her draped bust rt. / VENVS GENETRIX, Venus standing lt., holding Victory and a shield, Dioscuri on shield. RIC 734; BMCRE 172. Nice VF. Ancient Resource LLC
An ancient Islamic gold coin from Egypt
An ancient Islamic gold coin from Egypt. Abbasid Caliphate. al-Ma'mun, 810-833 AD. Gold dinar, Misr (Egypt) mint, struck AH203. Citing Tahir & al-Sari, inscribed al-maghrib ("the west") below the obverse field, slightly clipped. 17 mm, 4.02g. ref: Album-222.7. Fine to VF. ex-Stephen Album; ex-Los Angeles, CA private collection. Ancient Resource LLC
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