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Småland auctions continuous conducts online auctions through their website små They take care of estates and liquidations as well as selling individual items where everything from cars and bikes to antique furniture, rugs, jewelry and art may occur. Views, receiving and distributing take place in their premises on Verkstadsgatan 14A in Växjö, but all bidding is directed to the website. 

In addition to the real-time auctions ending every other Sunday they also have special theme auctions on several occasions during the year. It may involve, for example, toy and collectible auctions or Christmas Special. Bidding as usual at små 
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Byrå, 7 lådor, furu
Höjd 108 cm, bredd 80 cm, djup 39 cm. BRukslsitage. Smålands auktioner
Koka Blå terrin
Höjd 18 cm, bredd 20 cm. Smålands auktioner
Olja på duk, Blomsterstilleben, signerad Tullgren
Mått duk 46x39 cm. Smålands auktioner
Pendellampor industridesign 4 st, Bäro Canopus 150 watt, 220 volt
Höjd 38 cm, diameter 32 cm. Grålackerat stål, mittplacerad vridbar strålkastarlampa. Sitter skenkontakt men är utbytbart. Hängs med stålwire. Smålands auktioner

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Auktionshuset i Småland
Verkstadsgatan 14A
352 35 Växjö
T: +46 (0)470-571388