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A 19th Century Cast Iron Multiple Stamp Rack
complete with stamps, fitted with dual stands to accept up to sixteen different stamps, h 18.5cm Ravenswick
A Chinese Green Jade Pebble
A Chinese Green Jade Pebble modelled in the form of a scholar , showing traces of skin, h 7.35cm Ravenswick
A Chinese Jade Figureal Pebble
A Chinese Jade Figureal Pebble, modelled in the form of a pixiu , probably heat treated , l 5cm Ravenswick
A Chinese Pith Painting, Probably Qing Dynasty
"tranquil landscape" signed upper left in script and with a chop, 38cm x 30.85cm Ravenswick
A Set of Six Waterford Red Wine Glasses
each modelled in Marquis pattern and etched bowls, Ravenswick
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