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Large Oil On Canvas Original Painting By Constantine Kluge Paris Street
Constantine Kluge (Born) 1912 Riga Russia, (Deceased)2003.Constantine Kluge doesnt sound like a Chinese artists name. And although he was born in Russia, he spent his youth and young adulthood in China, in four different areas in China no less. Beijing, Manchuria, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. At a very young age he showed an interest in art, and a gifted talent for art. His parents were well to do and they got him all of the best possible art schooling and training in China. He studied Chinese painting and Chinese painting techniques. He held a paintbrush in the traditional Chinese manner. Like any child who grows up entirely in a place where their parents are not necessarily indigenous...that child's concept of culture and society is essentially formed WHERE they grew up. Kluge lived in China until he was 38 years old. He was a Chinese man. Of Russian heritage. Who later in life became a famous post impressionist painter of Paris. Kluge was an early 20th C product of Globalism. Kluge settled in Paris in 1950 already a skilled painter after having lived in Manchuria, Bejing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. He spoke Chinese and studied Chinese painting skills. He gained admission the Ecoles des Beaux Arts there in Paris. And he became famous for his post impressionist paintings of the river banks, streets, and bridges in Paris. The present example, is a large and stark example of his love of Paris and his attention to architecture and color. This painting was probably originally sold thru Wally Findlay Galleries, and was recently found crated and locked away in a Southern California estate for decades (it remained crated for over 40 years). Colors and condition appear vibrant as a reflection of its long term protected state. For a directly comparable sale, please see Christies Auction on Feb 11 2011. Auction # 5063 , lot # 43. The painting Christies sold that day was a Kluge painting of the identical street view and from virtually the exact same spot on the Paris street, although it was however a much smaller painting than ours(it measured 21 1/4 by 25 1/4 inches). The example we are offering measures 32 inches high by 39 1/2 wide. Essentially this painting is 2 1/2 times larger. The painting at Christies sold for $10,031.00 USD and can be seen here; . Orrills Auction
BC misc cat, horse
BC misc cat, horse Orrills Auction
19th C Bronze Plaque Figural 18th C Peasant Forest Scene
Solid bronze. Beautiful oval antique bronze placque. Depiction in the center is reminiscent of Millet's genre' paintings. With a cord for wall hanging display. Orrills Auction
Spanish Hand Made Ladies Vintage Fashion Shoes w Scottie Scotty Dogs
Outstanding vintage shoes the sole is markd Zalo made in Spanish 9 1/2 Medium. The leather slip on shoe with side buckle has two scottie dogs one white one black applique. Both have shoe lasts inside. Great retro style red scottie dog shoes. Orrills Auction
American Indian ethnic Woven Basket with lid group lot
Small vintage American Indian woven basket, together with 3 other small woven baskets. Some documentation probably 20th century American Indian. Orrills Auction
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