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ROBERT H. MILROY (1816 - 1890) Union major general whose suppression of guerillas in West Virginia caused the Confederates to put a price on his head. War-date A.L.S. as major general, 1p. 8vo., Winchester, May 8, 1863 to Gen. Robert C. Schenck in Baltimore. In part: "…Genl. Roberts has sent for the camp & garrison equipage of 12th Pa. Cav''ly, you did not say whether the camp & garrison equipage beside cooking utensils was to go forward or not…". Very good. Alexander Historical Auctions
832. MARSENA R. PATRICK (1811-1888) Union brigadier general who led a brigade of the 3rd Corps and was Provost Marshall of the Army of the Potomac. War-date A. L. S. "M. R. Patrick", adding rank as brevet major general, 1p. 8vo., on Provost Marshal General, Armies operating against Richmond stationery, July 23, 1864 addressed to Lt. Col. M. R. Morgan concerning an ambiguous military contract. In part: "...the enclosed...I send...back to you...public & private business are blended in this application. Whatever is furnished to hospitals or for issue or for other public use you control & regulate as you think proper. Sales to individuals come under the head of trade and belong to the Provost Dept...I...suggest that this application be withdrawn & another drawn up after McGaffey sees Capt. Beckwith...I will do whatever is proper..." Very good. $150-200 Alexander Historical Auctions
THOMAS RITCHIE (1778 - 1854) Virginia leading newspaper journalist, editor and publisher. Ritchie set up a press in pioneer Richmond and began advocating restrictions on free blacks as well as slave manumissions. A.L.S. 1p. 4to., Washington, Apr. 25, 1846 to Adam J. Glossbrenner, a powerful Pennsylvania politician and future secretary to President James Buchanan. In a cryptic letter, Ritchie sends his political ally some letters, adding that he is: "…confiding in your experience in the business, your acquaintance with the Pennsylvanians… Please communicate with each only as you can trust – and in the course of a break[?], inform me of the results of your inquiries… that I may inform Messr. Hamilton & Parry… it presents a very inviting Prospect…" Very good. Alexander Historical Auctions
FABERGE-STYLE SILVER "EGGS" Lot of two silver "eggs" in the style of Faberge, each about 4" tall and hallmarked within "1873" and "1878", also "84" (purity?). One egg bears stamped filigree work with cabuchons and a rabbi with scrolls within, the second also bearing scrolls attached to lower body, also with an orthodox Jew. Alexander Historical Auctions
1017. CALVIN COOLIDGE (1872-1933) Thirtieth President of the United States who succeeded to the presidency upon the death of Harding. T.L.S. "Calvin Coolidge" on White House letterhead, 1p. 4to., Dec. 31, 1924, sending New Year's greetings to a Mr. E.D. Stair of the Detroit Free Press. Double-matted and framed alongside an engraving of Coolidge. Very good. $200-300 Alexander Historical Auctions
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