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For over 30 years RRAuctions has provided the world with autographed items. Every month they offer collectors more than 1,250 quality, fully guaranteed signed items, including photos, documents, letters, and books from a variety of categories.

Each autographed item is accompanied by a full 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  RRAuction has experts employed in-house but also collaborate with third-party authenticators in various fields, to ensure correct evaluation is done.

Every month, all items are presented in a full-colour catalogue, with many full-page displays and numerous benefiting from detailed research descriptions. If you become an RRAuction registered bidder, you can access their company’s auction archives.

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Apollo 11 TLI Chart Signed by (12) Apollo Astronauts

Brilliant Apollo 11 plotting chart signed by 12 astronauts, Marvelous color first edition of the Apollo 11 Translunar/Transearth Trajectory Plotting Chart (ATT), 24 x 20, dated June 23, 1969, displaying a polar view of the lunar mission profile for Apollo 11, showing the various significant events during the eight-day mission. Signed in blue felt tip by an impressive 12 Apollo astronauts, including: “James Lovell, Apollo 13 CDR, April 11-17 1970, Apollo 8 CMP, Gemini 12 CDR, Gemini 7 PLT,” “Frank Borman, Gemini 7 CDR, Apollo 8 CDR, Dec 21-27, 1968, ‘In the beginning,’” “Dave Scott, Gemini VIII, Apollo 9—‘Gumdrop’—‘Spider,’ Apollo 15—‘Endeavour’—‘Falcon,’” “Gene Cernan, Gemini IX, Apollo X—Snoopy, Apollo XVII—Challenger,” “Al Worden, Apollo 15 CMP, First deep space walk,” “Buzz Aldrin, Apollo XI LMP, July 20, 1969,” “Charlie Duke, Apollo 16 LMP, Apollo 11 CAPCOM,” “Alan Bean, Apollo 12 LMP, Nov. 19. 1969, Intrepid,” “Fred Haise, Apollo 13 LMP, April 13 LMP, April 17, 1970, Aquarius,” “Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 LMP, Feb 1971, Antares,” “Richard Gordon, Gemini XI, 850 mi., Apollo XII CMP, Yankee Clipper,” and “Jim McDivitt, Gemini IV CDR June 1965, Apollo 9 CDR March 1969, ‘Gum Drop,’ ‘Spider.’” Lithographed by ACIC 6-69, and prepared under the direction of the Department of Defense by the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center. In fine condition. Accompanied by a CD-ROM disc that contains an image of each astronaut at the time of signing, as well as certificates of authenticity from Astronaut Central for the Aldrin, Lovell, and Borman signatures. A highly displayable chart relating to the landmark mission of the lunar-landing Apollo program, made all the more desirable given the presence of 12 bold astronaut signatures and mission designations—a group representative of an amazing five Gemini and ten Apollo missions.Read more

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