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Birds Eye Maple Bread Board and Wrought Iron Knife 1800s
These are a wooden treen cheese board and primitive wrought iron knife from New England, circa 1800s. The primitive wrought iron knife has a wrought iron blade and a triple copper riveted wooden handle. The blade was hand wrought by a blacksmith and is as sharp today as the day it was made. The circular cheese board is handmade of bird's eye maple wood. The cheese board is handmade from one solid piece of wood and is just big enough to hold a block of your favorite cheese. North Bayshore Antiques
Colonial Open Hearth Snake Decorated Wrought Iron Spatula 1700s
This is colonial open hearth snake decorated wrought iron spatula or cake turner from Virginia circa 1700s. In colonial days iron serpents were kept at the hearth mantle and around homes dating back to the early 1700s. Examples have been documented and unearthed in Virginia and Carolina being a regional Southern Tradition. The Serpent or snake is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. Snake have been associated with some of the oldest rituals known to man and the serpent has a dual expression of Good and Evil. A spatula is a small implement with a broad, flat, flexible blade used to mix, spread and lift materials including foods and other necessities. In kitchens, a spatula is also known as peel or turner. The antique spatula was handmade from a single piece of metal. The blade is circular is shape and is perforated. The handle is long for use in an open hearth or brick oven and is heavily decorated with a snake design. There is a snake head design where the handle starts from the blade. The snake's body decorates the rest of the handle which ends with a rat tail hook for hanging by the open hearth. The antique wrought iron spatula or cake turner is shapely in form and the blade is thick and strong. North Bayshore Antiques
New England Primitive Curly Maple Butter Paddle Bird Head Hook 1800s
This is a curly maple wooden butter paddle with bird's head effigy hook from New England, circa 1800s for your consideration. One can just imagine the workmanship and time that the carver took to make this butter paddle from a single piece of curly maple wood. The curly maple butter paddle has a wide bowl and a long formed handle that is thick and heavy for ease of handling. There is a prominent hook handle on end of the handle for resting on a dough bowl's rim. What makes this butter paddle unique is the prominent carved hook has been shaped and carved into a bird's head effigy. This antique bird's head effigy butter paddle is so thick and heavy in weight, and one of the reasons the paddle has survived over a century of use. The grain on the wood is very detailed with wavy grain lines. North Bayshore Antiques
Colonial New England Primitive Carved Maple Butter Paddle 1700s
This is a colonial hard or rock maple wooden butter paddle from New England, circa 1700s. The maple butter paddle was hand carved out of one solid piece of hard rock maple wood. North Bayshore Antiques
Folk Art Amish Puzzle Sewing Thread Pincushion 1800s
This is a large folk art Amish puzzle sewing needle pincushion from Lancaster County, PA circa 1800s. For the Amish People pride is a cardinal sin. As a result, Amish Arts are characterized as the balance of humility and simplicity against vanity. The Amish use bold colors, which are symbolic of nature and their usage of colors has become a signature of their beautiful handmade objects. The Amish puzzle needle pincushion is made of velvet with contrasting light and dark colors. The colors of the velvet fabric are a bright pumpkin and a deep dark chocolate. North Bayshore Antiques
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