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Folk Art Amish Puzzle Sewing Thread Pincushion 1800s
This is a large folk art Amish puzzle sewing needle pincushion from Lancaster County, PA circa 1800s. For the Amish People pride is a cardinal sin. As a result, Amish Arts are characterized as the balance of humility and simplicity against vanity. The Amish use bold colors, which are symbolic of nature and their usage of colors has become a signature of their beautiful handmade objects. The Amish puzzle needle pincushion is handmade of velvet with contrasting light and dark colors. The puzzle ball consists of 6 square sewn shaped into a ball. North Bayshore Antiques
Colonial Primitive Hanging Slant Lid Walnut Salt Box 1700s
This is a colonial primitive wall hanging slant lid walnut wood saltbox from New England circa 1700s. The saltbox is made of walnut wood except the bottom board has been replaced (see photos). The saltbox has an arch medial back with a hole on top for hanging on a wall. The sides are mitered to the front and back and secured by wrought iron nails. The saltbox has a slant lid top. The back right corner shows the results of a mouse gnawing on the wood (see photos). At some point someone tried to repair the saltbox by using wood fill (see photos). North Bayshore Antiques
New England Black Ash Woven Splint Gathering Basket 1800s
This is an outstanding handmade woven black ash splint gathering basket from New England circa 1800s. The New England gathering basket is handmade of black ash splints. The carved bentwood handle is notched and finely tapered deep into the sides of the basket. The New England gathering basket has a large woven splint bumped up bottom. The New England gathering baskets rim is made of two bentwood carved circular black ash bands. North Bayshore Antiques
Country Store Bronze Wood Handle Grain Scoop 1820s
This is a large hand wrought bronze and copper country store scoop from New England circa 1820s. The bronze grain scoop is very heavy in weight and was made for use in a country store. The country store grain scoop has a wooden handle that has three scribed lines and hand turned. The grain of the wood almost appears to be burl. The handle of the country store grain scoop is capped with a large wide bronze ring and into the wooden handle there is the copper wrought extension that is riveted to the bronze bowl scoop. North Bayshore Antiques
Amish Walnut Sewing Thread Spool Caddy Ca 1800s
This is an Amish sewing spool thread caddy from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania circa 1800s. The Amish sewing thread caddy is handmade of walnut wood. The Amish sewing thread caddy has a top pincushion and will hold 8 standard sized thread spools stacked double. There are four long metal dowels that hold the thread. The long metal dowels fit into small holes that are set running lengthwise into the tiers of the Amish sewing thread caddy. There are hand turned finial knobs upon the top of the long metal dowels that are acorn shaped. The Amish sewing thread caddy has two tiers and each tier has hand turned beveled edges. There is a pincushion on the very top of the Amish spool thread caddy made in the shape of a cup. There are two wooden knobs on the top tier to hold sewing thimbles. North Bayshore Antiques
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