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Antique Kerman Persian Rug / Carpet 43553
8.07 x 11.08 Early twentieth century Antique Kerman, Persia - This lush antique Kerman is graced with a classical Persian medallion composition. The medallion itself with elaborate finials hovers at the center of the composition surrounded by cornerpieces and with a rich profusion of floral vinescroll detail in between. However, the design is so closely configured and in such a uniform palette that the various components submerge within a larger consistent design texture, so that it appears more as an allover pattern. The border continues this consistency of color and texture, making this a first-rate decorative carpet Nazmiyal Auctions
Kerman Persian Rug 19th Century
Antique Pictorial Kerman Rug, late 19th century - 2 ft 02 in x 3 ft 03 (1.22m x 1.83m) - Indicated by the jewels, plumed turban ornament, and the profusion of symbolic swans, the courtier depicted in this portrait was a member of royal society. This luxurious carpet is an extremely impressive example of weaving from Kerman and the city's classic coral pinks. The typically western cameo is also quite unusual for any portrait produced by Islamic artists, who generally preferred broader formats. Nazmiyal Auctions
Antique Khorassan Persian Rug / Carpet 41815
10.05 x 13.08 Circa 1900 Antique Khorassan Persian Rug, Persia - An allover pattern of sinuous arabesque vines and palmettes undulates gracefully across the field of this sumptuous antique Khorassan. Small flowers fill the intervening space to produce an almost continuous ornamental surface in soft greens, blues, aubergine, and ivory against a pale sand ground. The chocolate ground border of lotus palmettes provides a delicately contrasting frame for the golden field while preserving its richly detailed texture. Nazmiyal Auctions
Antique Khorassan Persian Rug 42036
10.05 x 13.04, Circa 1900; Sprays of fine vines and palmettes arrayed in vertical columns repeat rhythmically across the soft apricot ground of this sweetly decorative antique Khorassan. The finesse and delicate scale of this design recur in the system of multiple borders, which also echo the soft color juxtapositions of the field. The reserved grace of the design is heightened by the elegant texture and luminosity of the wool. Nazmiyal Auctions
Vintage Romanian Bessarabian Kilim
Size: 6 ft 11 in x 10 ft 5 in (2.11 m x 3.17 m) - Bessarabian Kilim, Romania Circa Mid Twentieth Century - Crafted in modern-day Romania, this antique Bessarabian kilim showcases a botanical medallion with a de-centralized composition that functions as an airy, light repeating pattern. Wheat-like flower heads, delicately feathered tulips and ornate leaflets are positioned across the mottled field, which features a combination of blushing pink and mulberry red. The level of formality increases in the elegant notched borders, which feature ornamental tulip blossoms and gul-like flower clusters paired with clouds of florets that make an artful incursion into the similarly colored borders. Separating itself from the lavish neoclassic bouquets and opulent European-influenced designs seen in many regional pieces, this antique Romanian kilim embraces a naturalistic sense of style. Nazmiyal Auctions
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