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Tsiga II by Victor Vasarely
Limited edition signed Silkscreen print The Loft Fine Art
The Finca II by Alex Perez
This work by Perez is the second in a pair of two paintings. The piece is an up close and personal painting of a cottage on a rural landscape. Trees hug the outer edge of the canvas and frame the subject matter in a soft impressionist style. Alex Perez was born in Chile in 1946, and opened his own gallery in 2013. He was trained by his father, also an oil painter, and is represented in numerous private collections. Perez's work is well known throughout the world for its fine realist style and its soft, transfixing subject matter. Oil on stretched canvas Signed by Artist The Loft Fine Art
Beach Scene by L. Grubb
This Oil on canvas features woman standing on beach looking out into the ocean's rolling waves. Framed, Signed by Artist The Loft Fine Art
Ovum Optimum by R.J. Williams
This modern serigraph print features an abstract image that resembles two cooked eggs, hence the name Ovum Optimum. It also somewhat resembles a face. There Is a flame-like design along t he bottom. The print is signed and numbered 9/50. The Loft Fine Art
Aegean Cove by Thomas McKnight
This modern-style art deco image doubles as both a landscape and cityscape. The rich blues of the water nicely contrast the light beige of the cobble stone streets. Limited Edition Silkscreen on paper. Signed by Artist. The Loft Fine Art
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