Paddle8 is an online auction house, connecting buyers and sellers of fine art and collectibles across the world. Paddle8 offer two types of auctions: monthly themed auctions, and benefit auctions in collaboration with non-profits.

Themed Auctions

Paddle8's themed auctions are a low-cost, easy-to-use auction platform for buyers and sellers of fine art and collectibles. The auctions are curated by influential cultural figures, publications, and institutions to fit various themes. Paddle8 commission structure is significantly discounted from market norms: a flat 6% for vendors and 12% for buyers. Other costs, including shipping, insurance, and storage are minimized or eliminated by shipping goods directly from sellers without any intermediaries. This minimizes costs for sellers, while creating transparency and ease of purchase for buyers. Paddle8 does not disclose post-sale records publicly, so consignors can offer works anonymously and never "burn" works if they do not sell. The auctions offer succinct lot information, including price records, news and collections.

Benefit Auctions

Paddle8's benefit auctions allows non-profit institutions to run their auctions online, either in a fully virtually capacity or as a pre-selling collaboration prior to a live auction. Paddle8 has collaborated with over 150 organizations, museums, and foundations worldwide, from the Royal Academy to Los Angeles County Museum of Art to the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Benefit partners are able to expand their audience of supporters through Paddle8's wide network of collectors. Paddle8's collectors are able to participate remotely in auctions from across the world, without paying high ticket prices for attendance, and benefit from access to great art, no buyer's premium, and certain tax alleviations.

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