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Lovely Ancient Chinese Jar with painted linear designs, 2000 BC
Ancient Chinese Neolithic clay jar with painted linear designs. Machang Phase of the Majiayao culture (also known as the Gansu-Yangshao culture, from present day Gansu or Qinghai province): Circa 2300-2000 B.C. Tribal Gatherings
Dursasana ,The Son of the Blind King Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet
Very old and well used Wayang Kulit Shadow puppet, hand crafted from Buffalo hide and hand painted. With a well worn wooden handle. Duhshasana was the second son of the blind king Dhritarashtra and Gandhari in the epic Mah?bh?rata, and the younger brother of Duryodhana. Tribal Gatherings
Smiling Javanese Dance mask, Indonesian Tribal Arts
Charming carved wooden dance or drama mask from Java , Indonesia, with bright yellow paint and a very large smile. Tribal Gatherings
Old Incised Nupe Table or Bench , African Tribal Art
Old table or bench carved from a single piece of wood with incredible incised designs and plenty of signs of use and wear.From the Nupe peoples of Nigeria, Africa. Tribal Gatherings
Fantastic Sea Serpent ,Dragon, Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet
long fantastic sea Serpent or dragon with wavy form , hand crafted from buffalo hide and hand painted, with well worn old wooden handle. Tribal Gatherings
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