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Pre-columbian Tairona Necklace
Pre-columbian Tairona Necklace from Colombia, ca. 500-1000 A.D. Composed of a single strand of various shape and size jasper, stone, shell and clay beads. Small modern clasp. Minerva Gallery
Scarce Pre-columbian Mezcala Idol
Scarce Type Mezcala Idol with Openwork Arms and Legs from Mexico, ca. 400 B.C.-200 A.D. An 'out of the norm' Mezcala idol depicting a standing human figure wearing a peaked or horned headdress, drilled eyes, wide nose, the arms held at the waist with incised lines for fingers, and unusual drilling to create the openwork separation of the arms and legs. The figure is crafted in a Guerrero deep green speckled stone and is thin, crafted originally from a celt form, and has unusual traits. The horn on the top of the head is commonly considered to be a 'blood letting piercer', though, the effigies are never sharp enough for this use, merely an effigy and also, the arms and legs have been separated by a series of bi-conical drilling to remove the stone. The normal separation would involve grinding patterns, not drilling as this effigy exhibits. Minerva Gallery
Pre-columbian Chinesco Vessel
Pre-columbian Chinesco Vessel from West Mexico, ca. 100 B.C.-250 A.D. Elegantly painted in red ground with geometric patterns in white paint. Measurements: 4-5/8" in height Minerva Gallery
Anasazi/Puerco black on white bowl
Anasazi/Puerco black on white bowl from New Mexico/Arizona, ca. 900-1150 A.D. An excellent example with very symmetrical design. Minerva Gallery
Antique Colonial Guatemalan Dance Mask
Antique Dance mask from Guatemala made from wood. Colonial period, ca. 1930-1940 Measurements: 7-3/8" in height x 4-7/8" in width. Minerva Gallery
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