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Pre-columbian Inca whistle vessel
An excellent Inca whistle vessel from Peru, ca. 1300 - 1500 AD.  This beautiful double-chambered redware example features a bird as the front chamber.  Both bottles are molded with intricate geometric designs characteristic of the type.  Nicely burnished, good mineral deposits, high-pitched tone. Minerva Gallery
Pre-columbian Jamacoaque Spindle Whorls
Pre-columbian Jamacoaque Spindle Whorls from Ecuador, ca. 500-1000 A.D. Extraordinary large clay spindle whorls. Conical-Concave shape, all beautifully incised with linear pattern. Mineral deposits throughout and some of the best examples of this type that we have seen. Very nice! Minerva Gallery
Pre-columbian Veracruz Seated Figure
Pre-columbian Veracruz Seated figure from Mexico, ca. 300-900 A.D. In a seated position with arms to its side. Minerva Gallery
Pre-columbian Maya Stemmed Macro Blade
Pre-columbian Maya Stemmed Macro Blade from Belize, ca. 50 B.C. - A.D. 900. Knapped from chert. Minerva Gallery
Antique Colonial Guatemalan Dance Mask
Antique Dance mask from Guatemala made from wood. Colonial period, ca. 1930-1940 Minerva Gallery
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