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Against the Wind, by Terry Cooke Hall
I was drawn by the look of determination and confidence on this young woman as she was riding in a parade during an annual traditional ceremony near my home in Montana. My goal in this painting was to describe that emotion not only with her expression but also by setting her in an imaginary world of a searing sun with swirling skies that seem to be pressing against her as she strives to complete her journey. Western Masters Art Show Sale
Flight of the Bass, by Morgan Cawdrey
Edition of 14. Every block printer stands in awe of the skill and discipline of Japanese artists like Hokusai. In this piece I reimagined the massive wave in Hokusai's famous "Mt. Fuji" wood block print as the splash from a rising smallmouth bass, using a single block of linoleum and reducing it after each color application. The gradient effect in the background was achieved by using a "rainbow roll" technique. -M.C. Western Masters Art Show Sale
Autumn Song, by Bruce D. Pierce
This Beautiful little native american girl, with her beautifully made traditional dress was such a joy to paint, though I felt like I didn't do either one justice! The setting of the Beaverhead- Jefferson River valley was the perfect back drop. Western Masters Art Show Sale
Bill Collector, by Jeffrey Burnham Rudolph
"'Bill Collector' is a whimsical portrayal of a hungry pelican and a down-on-his-luck trout." -J.B.R. Western Masters Art Show Sale
Running For Cover, by Leslie Kirchner
I find thunderstorms fascinating and exhilirating; however, you want to have cover before the deluge of rain comes and soaks you. I imagined this cowboy racing for the cover of home before he and his horse get soaked. -L.K. Western Masters Art Show Sale
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