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Shigehiko Ishikawa (1909 - 1964) O/C City Scene
Shigehiko Ishikawa (1909 - 1964)\nOil on canvas\n13 1/2 x 10 5/8 inches - painting\n21 1/2 x 19 inches - painting\nSigned lower left\nJapanese Inscription on reverse Concierge Estate Sale Services LLC
Song to Ming Chinese Celadon Jarlets
CHINESE CELADON JARLETS\nSONG DYNASTY\n12-13TH CENTURY\nVARIOUS SIZES FROM 3-2” X 2.75-2.5”\n\nACQUIRED IN THE PHILIPPINES CIRCA 1958\n\nProvenance: Anthony "Tony" Stoner Collection and by descent through family\n\nGood condition Concierge Estate Sale Services LLC
Richard Marquis (b.1945) Teapot Trophy
Richard Marquis (b.1945)\nTeapot trophy sculpture\nMurrini patchwork teapot atop two part glass base with applied glass shards and paint\nSigned and dated 1988 on under teapot top\n34" x 9" x 8"\n\nVery good condition, no noticeable defects\nAll items are sold as is. Our condition reports are a courtesy to the bidders. We also recommend that bidders inspect condition in person or send an agent to inspect condition.\n\nProvenance: Collection of Michael and Lynda Adelson. Cambria, CA\n\nWhile Richard “Dick” Marquis is a rather unassuming artist steadily working out of his studio on Whidbey Island, Washington, he is largely responsible for carrying classic Italian glassblowing techniques into a modern and international limelight. Infusing a sense of whimsy and playfulness with the delicate craftsmanship of classic Italian glassblowing, Marquis’ artwork (both universally charming and infinitely intriguing) has inspired a movement of modern glassblowers across the globe and brought him worldwide respect in the art community.\n\nHis studies into the art of glass began in Berkeley, at the University of California where Marquis took lessons in ceramics and glassblowing while earning his BA. Graduating in 1969, the young artist became a proud recipient of a Fulbright-Hayes Fellowship that would allow him to travel to Murano, Italy. There he would study glassblowing techniques for one year with the Venini Glass Factory under the tutelage of Italian masters. Marquis was, in fact, one of the first Americans ever to be granted such first-hand apprenticeship of Italy’s signature techniques at the esteemed Venini. Both passionate and committed to the craft, and with natural skill, Marquis absorbed his lessons well and after his year of studies abroad he was exhibiting a firm grasp on the use of Filigrana and even Murrini (a technique exclusive to Italian glass artists from its invention in the 15th century). Though he left Italy to continue his studies back at the University of California, Marquis would make many return trips to continue sharpening his skills beside his Italian mentors. He would be the first to bring the Murrini techniques to glassblowing in the U.S., and after achieving his Masters in 1972 he would bring lessons in the technique to audiences across the globe; in the U.S., Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.\nHis experimental spirit and knack for combining new materials and methods in his glass work has broadened the concept of glass art into a new realm for a wider audience than ever before. While maintaining the precision of material manipulation and masterful levels of control, Marquis utilizes stimulating color palettes, toys with textures, melds the quixotic with the classic and generally forces viewers to discard any preconceived notions of what glass art is with his every new piece. One of his recurring and most recognizable subjects are glass teapots: the common image shaped from delicate glass into vehicles for political statements, goblet bases, textural explosions, Seussian experiments with dimension and color, and in his latest work, actual vehicles, wheels and all.\n\nThis humble artist hailing from Bumblebee, Arizona, has been warmly embraced internationally by critics, contemporaries and art appreciators. Marquis’ work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions from New York to New Zealand, Tasmania to Munich. He’s also received a long list of honors and awards, including Lifetime Achievement awards from the Glass Art Society and Art Alliance of Contemporary Glass. Currently, Marquis is the artist in residence at the Pittsburgh Glass Center while opening his latest exhibition, titled Marquis, Marioni and Mount at Concept Art Gallery.\n\nNotable Awards & Honors:\n1963- National Merit Scholarship\n1967- President’s Fellowship, U.C. Berkeley\n1969- Fulbright Grant, Venice, Italy: Venini & Co.\n1974,78, 81, 90- National Endowment for the Arts Grant\n1982,88- Fulbright-Hayes Grant, New Zealand\n1995- Elected to College of Fellows of the American Crafts Council, NY\n2009- James Renwick Alliance Masters of the Medium Award, Smithsonian\nInstitute, Washington DC\n2010- Neddy Artist Fellowship, The Behnke Fellowship, Seattle, WA\n\nSelected Works:\n1966- Double Handled Vessel\n1967- Trapezoidal Bottle\n1969-70- American Acid Capsule with Cloth Container\n1970-80- American Glass Teapot Collection\n1970- Potato Landscape Piece\n\nNotable Exhibitions:\n1974- Realities Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia\n1993- Glass ‘93 in Japan, Odakyu Museum, Tokyo\n2000- Galerie Rob Van Den Doel, The Hague, The Netherlands\n2010- Razzle Dazzle Man, Caterina Tognon, Arte Contemporanca, Venice\n2013- Masters of Studio Glass: Richard Marquis, Corning Museum of Glass Concierge Estate Sale Services LLC
Walter Spies (Indonesia 1895-1942) Bufferfly Study 1924
Artist: Walter Spies (Russia / Indonesia 1895 to 1942)\nTitle: Butterfly Study\nMedium: Watercolor on Paper\nSize: 10 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches (paper) and 20 x 16 inches (matting)\nSignature: Signed Lower Right and dated 1924\nCondition: Good\nProvenance: Private Collection, United States Concierge Estate Sale Services LLC
W. E. Rollins (1861-1962) Western Landscape with Teepee
W. E. Rollins (1861-1962)\nWestern Landscape with Teepee and Hut\nOil on canvas\n10" x 15", 15" x 20" framed\nSigned lower right Concierge Estate Sale Services LLC
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