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LP Foto was founded in the 1950's in Stockholm, Sweden and was initially a shop for second hand cameras and related accessories. In 1995, LP Foto begun to arrange auctions, and has ever since been Scandinavia's only and leading auction house specialized in selling a great variety of used cameras to both national and international customers. LP Foto holds auctions 3 times per year. 600-800 objects are announced every auction.  

Bids can be made over telephone or online, or in the salesroom located at LP Foto's premises at Regeringsgatan, Stockholm. Before every auction, all objects are inspected, evaluated and described by Roland Eriksson, who is one of Europes lead experts in photography.
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Lot No.13 Polaroid SLR 680 No.8E517184701
Svart, Direktbikldskamera, för 600-film. LP Foto
Voigtländer Apo-Skopar 9/45cm No.6744993
1960-tal, Svartlackerad, med Compound 1-1/75sek, lock. Defective shutter and fungus, och en Busch Rapid Aplanat Ser. D.F:8 No.4 340mm (C). LP Foto
Leica M3 No.996195
Leitz Wetzlar, 1960, Krom, Single stroke, med Leitz Summicron 2/50 No.1598046 (B+, hazy, front element with cleaning marks), och väska. Slow shutter speeds irregular and does not open at 1/500-1/000sec. LP Foto
Stereobetraktare Typ Brewster
1800-tal. I svartlackerat trä med graverad dekor och detaljer i förgylld mässing. Med 12 st kolorerade genomsiktsbilder 1860/70-tal ´´La Juive´´. Betraktaren med träskador, fokuseringen defekt, bilderna med revor/skador. Wood damages, focusing defective, pictures with damages. (2344/50) LP Foto
Carl Zeiss Planar 1.4/85mm T* No.5806561
Made in West Germany, Svarteloxerad, för Contax/Yashica, lock. LP Foto
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