Lempertz is one of the leading auction houses in Europe and the eldest in family posession. The history of the company reaches back to 1798, when Johann Matthias Heberle established the „Antiquargeschäft mit Auktionsanstalt (Antiquarian Book Shop including Auctions)" that held important auctions of rare books and art works. After the death of the founder in 1840, his employee Heinrich Lempertz, at that time 24 years old, took over the company that was than renamed „J. M. Heberle (H. Lempertz)“ On 5 September 1844, the administration of the City of Cologne granted the concession to establish a branch in Bonn that was managed by Mathias Lempertz, brother of Heinrich Lempertz. On 18 November 1844, the first Lempertz auction was held in Bonn. From April 1845 Lempertz resided in a house in Fürstenstrasse 2 in which the widow of Friedrich Schiller had died in 1826. The auction of the important library of August Wilhelm Schlegel in 1845 established the company´s reputation, followed by the auction of the estates of E. M. Arndt (1860) and B. Hundshagen (1867) with a manuscript of the Nibelungen from the early 15th Century that was acquired by the Royal Library in Berlin. In 1875 Peter Hanstein, an employee of Mathias Lemperz, buys the respected firm and gradually moves the auction business to Cologne. In 1918 the building at Neumarkt is purchased. The classicist building is destroyed by bombs in 1943, like most of Cologne’s inner city. After the monetary reform Lempertz succeeds once more in establishing itself as the leading German art and auction house. A visible sign of this is the building at Neumarkt, completed in 1952, listed today in the Register of Historic Buildings. The Roman-Germanic Museum and the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum organize their first exhibitions here between 1953-1957. In 1965 the Gallery Lempertz Contempora is founded, an exhibition forum for contemporary art. In 1984 Lempertz complements its range by buying into the antique book store Venator. The name is changed to Venator & Hanstein. Since the beginning of 2000, Kunsthaus Lempertz is the only German auction house to be part of the renowned International Auctioneers group (IA), a group that unites eight independent leading auction houses from eight countries.

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FLEMISH SCHOOL, early 16th century, LAMENTATION OF CHRIST Panel and frame is made from one piece. Tafel und Rahmen sind aus einem Stück gefertigt." Lempertz
A bronze figure of Ruyi-Guanyin. China. Late Ming dynasty
A bronze figure of Ruyi-Guanyin seated in 'padmasana', his right hand in 'vitarka mudra', his left hand holding a flaming jewel; Chinese 'ruyi zhu'. The hems with engraved floral pattern. Traces of lacquer gilding. Damaged. Late Ming dynasty. Lempertz
Pariser Dessertbesteck Silber; vergoldet
Pariser Dessertbesteck Silber; vergoldet, Porzellangriffe. Bestehend aus je sechs Messern, Gabeln und Löffeln. Die Messer mit Silberklinge, die Gabeln vierzinkig, die Löffel mit spitzovaler Laffe und unterseitigem, graviertem Ligaturmonogramm "IP" unter Grafenkrone. Wenig gebogener, reliefierter Stielansatz, der Porzellangriff in Pistolenform, mit polychromem Emaildekor. Ein Griff restauriert. Marken: Französischer Feingehaltstempel für 950er Silber, 1838 - 1919, Gegenstempel nach 1838 (Rosenberg Nr. 5880, 5929), MZ Emile Puiforcat (1857 - 1927, Arminjon Nr. 01546), österreichische Repunzierung. Die Messer gestempelt "PARIS". L der Messer 21; der Löffel 19,5 cm. In drei Kartonschatullen. Paris, Emile Puiforcat, um 1900. Margin Scheme Lempertz
Viktor Schramm, Preparing for the Ball
Signed lower right: V. Schramm Lempertz
ANTON BRAITH CATTLE AT A WATERING PLACE Signed lower right: A. Braith München 1899 Dimensions : 52 x 95 cm Provenance Private property, Westphalia. margin scheme Lempertz

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