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West Side Story. 1964
Artist: DAN REISINGER (1934- ) Size: 27 1/4 x 39 1/8 in./69.4 x 99.5 cm Giora Godik is one of the more famous theatrical figures in Israel, credited with bringing the art of musical theater - most especially musical comedies - to the country. This vivacious design by Reisinger announced her original production of West Side Story. (judaica, theater) Poster Auctions International
Hôtel de Londres. ca. 1905
Artist: GIOVANNI MATALONI (1869-1944) Size: 34 5/8 x 45 7/8 in./88 x 116.5 cm Istituto Cartog., Roma Utilizing an abundance of Renaissance imagery, this elaborate Italian design advertises the London Hotel in Naples, listing its numerous amenities, including electric lights and an elevator. Poster Auctions International
Whitworth Cycles.
Pal executed a minimum of three designs for Whitworth Cycles, all of them featuring a gentleman cyclist showing his bike off to a group of six women either seen peering down from atop a wall-as seen here in this two-sheet format-or at a midway point in the poster narrative, with the women divided equally between wall and ground (see PAI-XXXIX, 426) or with the ladies having completely descended from their perch (see PAI-XLV, 436). Exactly what they are more enraptured with, bike or roguish rider, is left for the viewer to decide. A bit of a departure for Pal, leaving the women's no-doubt fine figures concealed behind a wall. Quick, fetch a stepladder. Poster Auctions International
John Barrymore/Tempête.
Though savage passion in an arboreal setting might lead the viewer to believe that a modern-dress version of Shakespeare's Tempest was being promoted to the cinema loving public, they'd be mistaken. Because this Tempest, starring the legendary John Barrymore, is actually a military love story set against the background of the 1914 Russian Revolution. In the final days of Czarist Russia, a peasant named Ivan (Barrymore) is raised from the ranks to lieutenant. The other officers, aristocrats all, resent him, and make his life difficult. He falls in love with a princess, who spurns him. When he is caught in her room, he is stripped of his rank and thrown into prison. Then comes the Red Terror, and the tables are turned. The scene shown in the poster comes from an early scene when Ivan and his fellow officers take a swim in the lake wearing only their uniform trousers. Ivan's closest friend, who has encountered three young women Poster Auctions International
Film Festival-Lincoln Center.
For the fifth New York Film Festival held at Lincoln Center, Warhol produced a silk-screen image of a movie ticket in fluorescent inks, patterned with the flowers that were a favorite motif in the period before he turned to Campbell's soup cans, Marilyn, cows and Mao. The work is one of the most interesting and relevant of all the posters commissioned by the List Art Foundation. When he switched over to silk-screening his artwork as prints, he sought not only to make art of mass-produced items but to mass produce art itself. In declaring that he wanted to be "a machine", and in minimizing the role of his own hand in the production of his work, Warhol sparked a revolution in art-his work quickly became very controversial and popular. Overnight, Andy Warhol became the embodiment of Pop Art. Period. Poster Auctions International
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