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Arts & Graphics

Modern, Post-War, Contemporary art, Old Masters and more

107 430 objects

0 – 19 700 000 USD

Watches & Clocks

From wristwatches, to grandfather clocks and pocket watches, it's all here

27 024 objects

0 – 1 540 000 USD

Jewelry & Gems

From diamonds, to costume and vintage jewelry, search it all here

76 211 objects

0 – 18 900 000 USD


Search for collectible designer furniture including couches, dressers and chairs.

35 513 objects

0 – 261 000 USD

Sports Memorabilia

Find here sports memorabilia, vintage sporting equipment and collectables.

25 646 objects

0 – 66 000 USD

Coins & Banknotes

Here you will find all kind of coins and banknotes.

28 512 objects

0 – 260 000 USD


Browse amongst all sculptures such as, busts and sculpture in marble, bronze, plaster or plastics. All sold at auction.

315 244 objects

0 – 151 000 000 USD

Toys & Collectables

Here you find all collectables and toys that has been sold at auction. Find trains and cars, Star War figures, baseball cards and autographs.

1 518 580 objects

0 – 1 100 000 USD

Vehicles & Automotive

All car and automotive auctions sold recently are found here. Motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds, tractors, classic cars and all things motorized.

203 179 objects

0 – 30 200 000 USD


Find realized prices from renowned artists and photographers. Contemporary photography, classical portraits and more is listed here.

305 219 objects

0 – 1 720 000 USD

Porcelain & Pottery

This section is devoted to ceramics, antique vases, Chinese ceramics and plates made of stoneware, flint, porcelain or faience.

1 656 322 objects

0 – 7 640 000 USD

Works of Art

This section is devoted to all works of art. Find everything from small sculptures and busts to tramp art and hand made wooden boxes.

43 objects

0 – 7 890 000 USD

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Pop, Splash and Dazzle

Contemporary and post-war art is hitting the auction scene in a forthcoming sale from a Hong Kong auction house.

Auction News

In Conversation with Artist David Shrigley

Ahead of his exhibition at the Spiritmuseum in Stockholm, we sat down with British artist David Shrigley. Since the 1990s, Shrigley has enchanted the masses with his ironic and socially critical artistry.

Art, Culture & Luxury

The Chinese Art World in Full Bloom

It all happened last spring: China stole Britain's place as the country with the second highest turnover in the art market. There’s no question, Chinese art is on the rise. Now, together with curator Melanie Lum and her colleague Shi Zheng, Swedish gallery CFHILL presents the exhibition ‘Mountains & Streams’ with seven specially selected contemporary artists.

Art, Culture & Luxury

One of the Most Expensive LEGO Set Sold at Auction

Building models from the Danish plastic toy bricks LEGO has been keeping kids and adults alike busy for almost 70 years. As the models have become more relevant to everyday life, the prices of complex and original harder-to-find editions have skyrocketed over the years.

Auction News

Art for Peace

At this year’s iteration of Affordable Art Fair New York, the fair’s partner, the Non-Violence Project, will be exhibiting and selling a limited edition series of Knotted Gun sculptures which will go towards benefiting the organization's programs. Now you’ve got the chance to get a discounted ticket and partake in the quest of making this world a better place.

Art, Culture & Luxury

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